EDIT: new answers from the respondents! The results are very good!


we got some answers to our satisfaction survey about our new tokens! We got 13 answers out of a 20 people :

Are the tokens easy to grasp?

You are globally satisfied:

5/5: 6 respondents

4/5: 5 respondents

3/5: 2 respondents

Are the tokens easy to be identified by the players on the battlefield?

The flashy colors made them easily recognizable :

– 5/5: 7

– 4/5: 4

– 3/5: 2

Are the tokens stable on the battlefield?

5/5: 7

4/5: 4

3/5: 1


Would you recommend them to your friends?

8/13 respondents said yes and some of them wrote why:

 » the quality is there »

 » great experience »

« They are classy »

 » 3d modeling is always better I think!  »


Is the honeycomb storage box closed to you during the game?

10/13 respondents take it close to them during the game and use it to sort the tokens and take them one by one when needed.

If you game with friends in other place, how do you store the starter ?

12/13 of the respondents use the blister of the packaging to put the honeycomb into it.

Are aware of the the fact that the thin streaks prove the 3D printing process to produce the tokens?

The majority of respondents know it is a 3D printed product and that the streaks on the product prove it.


Some survey respondents are waiting for a new cover for the honeycomb storage and also for the ion and critical damage marker.

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