This is a written record of a Gozu Agent, Fabrice, one of the pioneer who was the first to paint our 3D printed X Wing tokens !

« You have received your Gozu tokens, and you would like to add more color to make them look even more beautiful? To help you and encourage you to do it, you will find a small tutorial with pictures!

Step 0: the basics

This is the token you got when you opened the blister.

3D print xwing token etape00

Step 1

Let us begin slowly ! An undercoat paint lets a good adhesion. Furthermore, it let’s you get brighter colors. Make sure to have painted the whole token. Two thin coats of paint are better than just one thick : they will not hide any detail and will dry faster.

3D print-Xwing-token-etape01

Step 2

The real fun begins! I choosed a dark blue color for the base, to get closer to the original drawings.

3D  Print Xwing token etape02 Steps 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

Drybrushing. Add some white color to the starting blue color, then take a little on it on your paintbrush, then clean it lightly. Paint the token with that, the color will be pulled onto the 3D parts. Repeat the process by adding white color and by cleaning the brush more and more. You will see the token shape appear.

. 3D-Print-Xwing-etape03


3D print-Xwing-etape05

3D print-xwing-etape06


Step 8

I paint all the parts which are not in blue in black color.

3D print-xwing-token-etape08


Step 9

A metallic paint is used to bring out the circle of the token.

3D print-xwing-token-etape09

In the step 9 phase, a clearer color is pulled on the top to give more relief to the token.

3D print-xwing-tokens-etape10

The edges of the token will remain black to blend in the background. You have painted you first token series successfuly !

Nerd step

Once I have painted the visible face, I turn over the token and paint the other face in black to finish the work.

3D print etape maniaque  

Bonus step

In order to avoid painting my fingers, I use some bluetack to fix the tokens. It is a little weird but so convenient !

3D print etape bonus


If this tutorial was interesting for you, it could be followed by other ones! Don’t hesitate to let me know. »

A big thanks to Fa Brice Gozu Agent!

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